Training and development

Training and development


The overruling rationale of Training and Development Section at PSF is to play a pioneering role both as a promoter and a provider of Training and Exposure in the Rwandan Business Community with a view to uplifting the human capital in the country and to align training and skills development to meet the needs of enterprises.


To promote a learning society and to develop a centre of excellence through the provision of up to date quality training.


The Training and Development section at PSF provides five core services which cardinally include artful courses and workshops:

1. PSF Management and Leadership programs

- Advanced Business Management course
- Strategic Business Management Course
- Basics of Business Management
- Discipline Management
- Management Skills Development
- Managing Redundancy
- Change Management

Leadership & Communication
- Corporate Governance
- Negotiation Skills
- Team building
- Developing people & Social Entrepreneurship
- Organizational Development and Design

- Start-up Risk Management
- Office and IT Skills Course
- SME Leadership and Management

- Labour Laws
- Occupational Safety and Health
- Productivity Measurement and Improvement

2. Advisory and Assistance

The Training and Development section offers Advisory Services on education, training, skills development and legislation to its members. This involves assisting PSF members in the assessment of training needs, in the design and implementation of training plans and strengthening their understanding of the national educational framework through Creative Communication.

3. Liaison with National, Regional, and International Training Institutions

PSF promotes a conducive training environment through its network and strategic partnership with a pool of world-class educational bodies.

4. Career Orientation and Development

The section always plays a pivotal role in providing career orientation services and assistance to graduates and school leavers. PSF collaborates with government agencies to organize events and campaigns to sensitize the youth on the demands and requirements of the world of work.

5. Research and Consultancy

PSF, in the section of Training and Development, conducts surveys, prepares reports, memoranda and position papers on various education and training issues. It also assists members with consultancy engagements relating to productivity issues at the enterprise.