Business Development Services

Business Development Services

PSF is a member based organization that has established BDS Centers in Districts of Rwanda to facilitate the business community to obtain business development and related extension services in order to enable SMEs to perform better in terms of business expansion, increase in profitability, increase in the scope of the market, increase in quality of the business’ service or product and other domains that relate to better performance of the SMEs.

BDS Marketing Vision

The vision of the BDS Center is to provide high impact consultancy services, Market access services, Input supply services, Technology and product development services, Training and technical assistance, Infrastructure-related and information services, Access to finance, Basic Accounting and Policy and advocacy, to SMEs, Cooperatives and sole proprietors in every district of Rwanda.


BDS Center’s Marketing Goals:

- Increase the number of BDS Clients i.e. SMEs using BDS Services
- Encourage repeat BDS Service Consumption by SMEs.

Strategic Goals:

- Ensure that the BDS Services are fully known across the business community operating in the district
- Eliminating/ avoid dissatisfaction among clients
- Partner with key stakeholders in the BDS Operations in the District and or outside the District
- Sign MOUs with key partners

Tactical marketing Goals:

- Facilitate BDS Centers to be fully known by SMEs, local authorities and developmental partners operating in their respective Districts
- Devote 1 to 1.5 hours each day for personal interaction with customers (face to face)
- Organizing networking events with strategic clients


Ultimately, our business exists to facilitate SMEs get a sense of control over their daily businesses in terms of business growth and sustainability.

In the process of delivering our services, we help them to acquire sustainability and growth of their businesses through access to markets, access to information, access to finance, training, networking, among other services.

Even if the BDS centers are open to any economic operator, they mostly target the micro, small and medium enterprises. To these, they offer a wide range of services aimed at helping to set up a company or to expand it. Specifically, they offer the following services:

Umbrella service of partner coordination and referral: The BDS centers offer private sector customers a consolidated view of business resources available in the province.
Training: BDS centers will offer training by hosting partners’ programs and contracting with independent trainers.

Information: The centers will have an information room available where customers can search for information; on request, they can also carry out custom research.
Access to financing: BDS centers do not offer funding, but improve access to existing funding by managing a database of financing sources in the province and their requirements.

Networking: To build a robust business community both regionally and nationally, the BDS centers create personal linkages through networking and a mentoring program.
Consultant monitoring: The centers actively refer customers to institutional service providers and qualified independent consultants. Therefore, they manage a database of qualified independent consultants.