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PSF undertakes persuasive activities in special forms called Advocacy Tools intended to change laws, regulations and business attitudes and the approach of government policies and stategies geared towards creating a hospitable business climate for all members.

PSF conducts its advocacy through the private-public dialog (PPD)

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Training and Business Development

The Private Sector Federation – Rwanda (PSF) established a private company Imanzi Business Institute(IBI) with a Missions to support the private sector and business community with professional skills training, business acceleration and mentorship.

What is Imanzi Business Institute (IBI)?

  • IBI is an institute for:
    • business skills training
    • And other capacity building services
  • We serve established businesses and entrepreneurs
  • IBI is a fully-owned division of the Private Sector Federation of Rwanda
  • IBI brand:

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Quitus recommendation

This is the Tax clearance Certificate ( Quitus Fiscal) given to importers and bidders of public tenders. This certificate is given by Rwanda Revenue Authority (RRA) however among the requirements to get the above certificate is a recommendation from PSF.

PSF conducts its advocacy through the private-public dialog (PPD)

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Access to PSF Medical insurance

PSF in partnership with Radiant Rwanda have a Group Membership health plans for it’s members and 2022 is the third year in operation.

PSF members health insurance allows its members to band together to negotiate better premiums for her members, similar to how an employer-sponsored health plan would work. The members of PSF do not work for the same employer, Instead, they share industry, interest, or other common thread that allows them to define themselves as members of PSF.

Obtaining health insurance through PSF may be a better option than individual health insurance, because the concept of group insurance is to provide an advantage to its members by offering lower premiums

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Trade Mission to access regional and International Markets

At Private Sector Federation, one of the services we provide to our members, is access to both local and international markets. We regularly organize different trade and investment trips to specific countries within African, Asia, United States of America among other parts of the World with intentions to link our members to their foreign Counterparts.

Through Business to Business meetings/Networking events, either locally or abroad, our members have immensely benefited especially in investment partnerships hence contributing immeasurably towards attracting Foreign Direct Investment, creating employment opportunities, increasing exports as well as helping our members to understand international trade and business operations.

Enormous business trips have previously been organized and more are under strategic planning to be organized around the world. To attend these events, you need to be a registered member of Private Sector Federation.

Our services

PSF Business directory

The Business Directory is a publication or website listing individuals or organizations alphabetically or thematically with details such as names, addresses, and telephone numbers. PSF being the voice of the business sector is in a privileged position to create the “The Private sector Business Directory” a book that shall have a Listing of its members in the country.

Objectives of the Business Directory

  • Data base for PSF Members
  • To provide an added service to PSF Members
  • Direct Advertising exposure for Members and Non-Members
  • Assist our members to build a brand image and Brand visibility
  • To create a business working platform
  • To give business Identity and prove that the featured business are legitimate business
  • Give exposure of local business to foreigners and Tourists

Business Directory 2019-2020