Rules and Regulations

1) The term exhibitor means the signatory of this rules and regulations and includes all employees, workers or agents of the exhibiting company. In the case of a joint venture howsoever described, the exhibitor is deemed to have obtained the consent of all individual participants to all the rules and regulations.

2) Applications for space must contain details of the proposed exhibits and the names of any other company represented by the exhibitor.

3) When payments for space are not done when due, any previous deposit may be retained and the space re-allocated by the organizer.

4) Exhibitors shall complete the setting up of their stand a day before the opening of the exhibition otherwise the stand will be closed until the official opening ceremony is over.

5) The organizers will not in any way be liable for any loss or damage to the exhibitor suffered by or arising out of any default of any servant, agent, employee or subcontractor of the exhibitor.

6) The exhibitor shall not without the written consent of the organizer display, exhibit or bring to the exhibition hall any explosive or dangerous material or any such thing which may cause noxious fumes or make use of or display any other materials which may involve danger to the health of any person. The exhibitor shall indemnify the organizers against any loss or damage arising out of the breach of this clause.

7) All stands requiring electricity supply from the venue must submit their precise power requirements to the organizers a month before the opening of the exhibition .

8) Exhibitors may not display, attach or distribute material of any kind whatsoever inside the Gikondo Expo Grounds, except at their own designated stand areas. Any material distributed elsewhere may be confiscated, and other appropriate penalties applied.

9) The organizers will provide firefighting equipment and personnel related to common areas of the venue. Exhibitors are allowed to make provision for their own stands if needed. Exhibitors with highly farmable materials are required to notify the organizer to agree on requirements for the safety of the public.

10) The organizers will provide sanitary services throughout and general cleaning services in the morning on each day of the exhibition.

11) The organizers will provide 24 hours security of the show grounds from start of build up to completion of breakdown. However exhibitors will be responsible for the security inside their own stands. Special permission will be given on request to exhibitors who need to station extra security personnel to guard their own specific stands. Please note that additional guards must be from recognized and registered security companies in Rwanda.

12) Exhibitors may sale goods at the fair grounds but this will be subjected to Rwanda Customs regulations.

13) The exhibitors are required to open at 8:00 a.m and remain open during the official hours of the show up 10:00 p.m each working day and 12:00 am weekend days. Inform the organizer for any change a day before.

14) A list of exhibits from foreign exhibitors shall be required and presented to the customs authority at the point of entry.

15) Each exhibitor is entitles to two (2) exhibitors cards free of charge per stand of 9m. These cards are nominal strictly personal and are not interchangeable. Additional cards requested by the exhibitor’s are provided by the RITF Management, at its own discretion at a price of 5.000 RWF or 8USD. It’s the responsibility of each exhibitor to provide copy of IDs or any other official documents before he/she can receive Exhibition entry cards.

16) No exhibitor will be permitted to sub-let the whole or any portion of the stand plot allocated to her/him nor permit the space to be utilized by any one else without having first obtained written permission from the organizer.

17) Temporary stands and exhibits must be removed not later than 2 days after the close of the fair, thereafter participants will be required to pay a penal rent.
18) Passages, open spaces or pathways must be left clear. Failure to observe this regulation may result into disciplinary action to be determined by organizers.

19) Exhibitors must make full payment on booking the stand/ space. The registration form accompanied by the payment must be signed by an authorized officer of the company and be duly stamped with the company stamp or seal.

20) For the purpose of all or any proceedings related hereto or arising from this rules and regulations, the exhibitor consents to the jurisdiction of the Rwandan Courts.

21) All Exhibitors who prepare foods and beverage outside the Exhibition ground should get a written approval for their daily catering on the exhibition ground.

22) Vehicles are not allowed to enter the exhibition space, their access is limited to the parking area, only cars will be allowed to enter the area before 9:00 am for the supply of stands and these vehicles will have to leave immediately after unpacking their supplies.

23 All exhibitors who will use private sound systems should notify the exhibition coordination and get written approval.

24) All exhibitors who provide food and drinks services should notify the expo coordination before the start of the exhibition.

25) All theft and security related cases should be reported to Expo Police office as soon as possible by the concerned person or his dully approved representative for investigation and follow up.

I,……………… (Company/Institution Representative)

Representing (Company /Institution Name)

Having read and understood the above rules and regulations hereby agree to adhere to them.

Date (d/m/y)


Signature and Company/Institution stamp ———————————————