What is LIFAM?

LIFAM is “Linking Famers to Markets”. Establishment of the strategy of the chamber of Rwanda Farmers was after taking into account the needs that farmers expressed after gathering their views. Thereafter, the project agreement was signed between the Netherlands Embassy and the Private Sector Federation in December 2012.

LIFAM project is considered to be part of implementing the strategy of the Chamber of Rwanda Farmers. It originated from the needs’ assessment during the preparation of the strategy of the chamber. The main purpose of LIFAM is to strengthen the Chamber of Rwanda Farmers and the members of the chamber.

Strategic Objectives of the Chamber of the Rwanda Farmers

- Organizational Development: to strengthen the Chamber’s organization and reinforce the Chambers’ Associations management structures and to create new associations

- Advocacy: Providing advocacy services on behalf of its members to policy makers and development partners

- Capacity Building and Services: Provide regular services and capacity building programs to the members

Networking: To closely work with the Government and other development partners in the professionalization of its members

Objectives of LIFAM

Overall objective: To build the capacity of the Chamber of Rwandan Farmers and to allow its members to develop knowledge and skills allowing them to be more competitive and to access profitable markets.

Specific objectives
- To make the Chamber more operational and more visible.
- To improve the services given to agribusinesses and farmers by their representatives.
- To develop the capacity of private operators and farmers in the areas of business development and access to finances
- To promote the sustainability of the Chamber of Farmers by improving the membership system.

3 main Outcomes of LIFAM 
1. Strengthened Chamber for advocacy and representation
2. Strengthened capacity to invest in post harvest facilities
3. Increased number of farmers starting agribusinesses

OWNER: Private Sector Federation of Rwanda (PSF-Rwanda)

DONOR: Netherlands Embassy

Offices of LIFAM

LIFAM is operating in the Chamber of Rwanda Farmers, under PSF auspices. The Headquarters of the Project are located at GIKONDO-PSF Headquarters. However, the Project will be operating countrywide and have an operational office in every District of Rwanda.