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Membership is open to business professional organizations set as associations, Chambers, cooperatives and industry chains. Our members are drawn from business companies grouped into professional associations all committed to addressing the challenges associated with developing Rwanda’s private sector

member category

a) Golden Circle Members

The Golden Circle brings together business champions, captains of industry and like-minded business leaders to network and exchange ideas on matters of current interest with other strategic enterprises and partners.

The Golden Circle platform provides a perfect opportunity for constructive dialogue. Members in this category seek to discuss and champion, among other things, issues to do with doing business environment, necessary investments (public private partnership), policy reforms, regional integration and regulatory framework requisite for business growth. In various ways

The Golden Circle members champions private sector’s role in implementation of Rwanda’s development agenda.

The Golden Circle seeks companies that have invested in innovative solutions that are beneficial to Rwanda’s economy as they tackle job creation for the youth, develop gender sensitive programs and champion innovation hubs. This is the kind of progressive partnership that PSF is seeking, a mutually beneficial partnership to grow the Rwandan economy.

Annual subscription fee to be part of the Golden Circle is minimum 5,000,000Frw only

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member category

b) Indashyikirwa “Business Champions at District level”

Following a successful formulation and operationalization of Golden Circle, the same idea was replicated across the country at the district level to ensure an evenly distributed private sector participation in Rwanda’s economic development. The brand name for the districts outreach of this program is “Indashyikirwa” a connotation in Kinyarwanda for “Champions”.

Districts have developed ambitious development master plans that are aligned with Economic Development Programs. They, too look up to private sector in their respective localities to elaborate those (ambitious) master plans.

In such a case, they need a favorable private public partnership (PPP) platform through which they can elaborate their respective investment agendas. Any developmental plan at district level, they become the number one target group.

Annual subscription fee to be part of “Indashyikirwa” is minimum 200,000Frw only

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member category

c) Ordinary Members

These are business sector specific groups who do not belong to the Golden Circle and “Indashykirwa” categories. Membership fees depend on the sector of your business. Businesses in Ordinary membership are grouped into associations and Chambers according to their sectors to easily address their issues, advocacy needs and serve them best.

Types of Membership Cards

How to apply for PSF membership

1st step:

Identity business activity

2nd step:

Download and fill the membership application form

Membership form

3rd step:

Attach a copy of the certificate of registration

4th step:

Pay membership fee based on the sector that you belong to.

5th step:

Submit your forms with the bank slip to the nearest PSF office or apply online and follow instructions provided.

6th step:

Get a membership card.