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Members of the Senate Standing committee on Foreign Affairs, Cooperation and Security has vowed to visit different local wine producers in a new strategy to resolve all the outstanding issues hampering this sector.
The pledge was made after the internal meeting of the senatorial committee with members of the Private Sector Federation that professionally produces local wines and beer at PSF Headquarter Gikondo Expo Grounds.
“We will also visit your industries to ascertain exactly the issues that hamper the effective production of wine,” Mike Rugema the head of the delegation said while addressing the participants.

Members of Rwandan Senate meeting PSF Members and local wine producers.

Our members voiced different issues that continue to wreck the growth of the sector. Some of the issues raised by the producers include the time taken to access the S-Mark that allows their products to access the market easily.
The Standardization Mark also referred to as S-Mark or SM is a mandatory mark of quality on all locally manufactured goods complying with the relevant standards. The local wine producers believe it’s imperative for the Rwanda Standards Board to revise the time it takes to access the certificate.
According to Juvenal Ndayisenga the president of an Association of banana juice and alcoholic beverages makers (APPROJUBAAR), the failure to set up the highly anticipated Alcoholic banana factory in Rwamagana is another hindrance to the sector urging that the Senate and other concerned parties should intervene.
“We agreed with National Industrial Research and Development Agency (NIRDA) on how this factory would be set up and all the required studies were made but unfortunately what was done was totally different,” Said Ndayisenga
The Rwf 1.3 billion factory was supposed to be a Joint venture between the government and the APPROJUB AAR and it was meant to produce alcoholic banana drink locally called ‘Urwagwa’ and juice.

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