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Eastern Province: PSF donates 100 cows to Genocide survivors

Some of the cows that were donated to Genocide survivors across 95 sectors in Eastern Province.. 

Members of the Private Sector Federation (PSF) in the Eastern Province on Sunday donated 100 cows to Genocide survivors across 95 sectors. 

With the exception of Bugesera District where 19 survivors from 15 sectors received the cows, every sector in Eastern Province got one cow. 

The handover ceremony was held in Nyamata Sector, Bugesera District, preceded by honouring more than 45,000 Genocide victims laid to rest in Nyamata Genocide memorial. 

Jean-Bosco Ndungutse, Chairperson of PSF in Eastern Province, said that; “If perpetrators in the private sector used a lot of effort to destroy our country, we must use even more effort to rebuild it.”

Robert Bafakulera, the Chairperson of PSF, said sticking together will continue to drive up the Rwandan economy, which was destroyed during the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi.

“Working together and supporting each other is a priority, if we do not do it, we could end up where we have been,” he noted. 

The Governor of Eastern Province, Fred Mufulukye, said there is a strong partnership between government and private sector, and lifting the needy is an “act of love of the country and its people.”

From the Genocide, he said, Rwandans have drawn important lesson, warning against any attempts to divide them.  

Mufulukye said that addition to losing their loved ones, Genocide survivors also lost their properties and thus need support. 

“We are all that the needy survivors have, they need us, we should help them get out of those problems, and that is our goal; helping them to get a good life,” he pointed out. 

Jean-Baptiste Karigenzi, 74, one of the beneficiaries, said that; “I cannot describe my happiness in words, I had 10 children, eight of them and their mother were killed in the Genocide, now I have five children with my second wife. They just gave me what I was missing.”

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