About Us


The Private Sector Federation - Rwanda (PSF) is a professional organization, dedicated to promote and represent the interests of the Rwandan business community. It is an umbrella organization that groups 10 professional chambers. It was established in December 1999, replacing the former Rwanda Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The Private Sector Federation (PSF) has registered major successes since its creation in 1999. Beyond a strong brand and membership base, PSF pioneered Business Development Services (BDS), registered wins in advocacy and played a strong national and regional role.

Yet, the business sector still needs to mature into Rwanda economic engine. While Vision 2020 and EDPRS call for a private sector led economy, the business sector, We realize that a strong Private Sector Federation must also achieve financial self-reliance.

Our members and our leaders have expressed willingness to support the Federation based on performance. To move towards self-reliance, we now have a clear membership fee structure.

Leadership will be critical for success.The key to success is ownership and accountability from all PSF stakeholders over the plan by all levels of PSF, i.e. the Secretariat, Province, Chambers and Associations. Both Rwanda’s trajectory and PSF’s history illustrate the power of determined leadership to deliver results.

Mission & Vision

Building on the organization’s proud heritage and in conscience, the newly elected Leadership wants to turnaround PSF.To achieve a turnaround, the PSF Leadership wants to redefine the role of each PSF entity to ensure it is focusing on its members. As a mission, “Profitable businesses for a prosperous Rwanda” reconciles business and Rwandan society.

The PSF leadership elected to espouse a mission where the business community aligns its interest to that of Rwanda. Advocacy and business services are identified as the two key mechanisms in the mission.

Beyond mission and vision, the PSF leadership also espoused five core values—trust, ownership, service, collaboration and openness. These values will not only inform the future of PSF but also form the basis for the consultative process that led to the adoption of the present strategic roadmap for PSF.


PSF leadership has outlined the present roadmap centered on five priorities:

- Advocacy or Ubuvugizi: The most important member need. PSF will build bases on a strong and pro-active advocacy platform.
- Membership: Our customer focus will translate into service delivery, attraction of new members and measuring satisfaction regularly.
- Communication: All PSF stakeholders, from members to staff leadership want information. We will communicate more and better.
- Capacity building: We will focus on training of SMEs and entrepreneurs as well as association capacity building.
- Systems: we will invest in the right staff, processes and resources to deliver. We will also launch a special project Implementation Unit (SPIU)

Management Staff