PSF launches the Golden Circle Membership.

Rwanda’s business elite gathered at the Serena Hotel Thursday night to celebrate the launch of the country’s newest networking group, the Golden Circle.

The Golden Circle is an exclusive networking club organized by Rwanda’s Private Sector Federation (PSF). It’s designed to bring together CEO’s from Rwanda’s private sector to foster economic growth throughout the country and East Africa.

“This will be a mutually beneficial partnership to grow the economy not only in Rwanda, but in the whole region,” said Manzi Antoine, director of advocacy for the PSF.

By bringing together strong-minded business people and captains of industry, the Golden Circle hopes to create an environment where ideas about development, policy and economic growth can easily be exchanged and implemented.

One of the key pillars of Rwanda’s Vision 2020 is private sector development. The goal is to have Golden Circle members form partnerships with each other as well as government organizations, policy makers and other key stakeholders in order to continue the strong economic growth Rwanda has achieved over the last decade.

To be a Golden Circle member you must be a CEO or high-ranking business official whose investments have benefitted and developed the Rwandan economy.

“You have to play a big role in the private sector,” Manzi said.

As a Golden Circle member you enjoy personalized services, get invited to exclusive events, enjoy marketing opportunities for your business and get to attend the end of the year gala.

Thursday’s launch was a tremendous success, Antoine said.

More than 130 CEO’s and top business executives packed the Serena Hotel’s conference center to network and learn about the benefits the Golden Circle offers.

For most people the idea of making prosperous business connections was what brought them to the event.

“What’s really attractive to me is the thought of meeting with potential partners for business,” said Maurice Nyaruhirira, a corporate lawyer for Horizon Group.

“I’m looking to make new connections.”