2012 TVET Expo kicks off with emphasis on relevant labour market skills

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The 2012 TVET Expo was officially launched on 1st November 2012 by the Minister of Education Dr. Vincent Biruta who called upon all stakeholders to help in enhancing skills relevant to the labour market both at regional and international level.

During this colorful event that took place at the Gikondo Expo grounds, the minister told participants that the government of Rwanda is so committed to promote TVET in an effort to strengthen self employment especially among the youth.

This event has brought together over 200 exhibitors from various private companies, TVET institutions in Hospitality and Tourism sectors, construction and building services, ICT, Technical manufacturing and services, agriculture and food processing, Art and craft, beauty and esthetics, renewable energy and water management.

As a way to enabling many people to access this kind of education, the government plans to have a TVET school in each district and a role model school (Integrated Polytechnic Regional Center) in each province.

The 2012 TVET Expo has been organized by the Workforce Development Authority (WDA) in collaboration with the Private Sector Federation (PSF). Faustin Mbundu the PSF Chairman highlighted the importance of business incubation centers being put in place to prepare the youth for labour market challenges. WDA has also established such centers in a few places and plans to have others established in different places.

According to the director general of WDA Jerome Gasana, a lot of efforts have been made to avail equipment and infrastructure for a conducive atmosphere that permits people to acquire TVET skills.