Fighting Genocide Ideology is a Responsibility for Everyone –Gen Kabarebe

Minister Kabarebe lighting candles of Hope

Minister of Defence Gen. James Kabarebe has reiterated the need for Rwandans to collectively fight Genocide ideology in what he said was the driving force that caused the 1994 Tutsi genocide.

Gen. Kabarebe said while giving a presentation yesterday during the commemoration event organized by Private Sector Federation to remember the business operators who were killed during the genocide.

The event held at PSF Headquarters Gikondo Expo grounds attracted over 4000 people across the business community who gathered for a Walk to Remember from Kanogo heading to the PSF offices where presentations were made.

“If we are united as Rwandans and fight Genocide ideology there is no any external threat that will ever attack our country. It’s the ideology that entrenched in people’s minds that caused genocide in this country that’s why we need to fight it collectively,” minister said while addressing thousands at PSF.

Minister mentioned that genocide ideology is still an impediment to the society today adding that there some people who continues to intoxicate their children with the ideology.

The PSF Chairman Benjamin Gasamagera while addressing the gathering said that private sector is ready to continue working hard to develop the economy.

“Genocide destroyed our economy that’s why we have to work hard as private sector to help develop our economy and we are ready to continue working with other concerned agencies to ensure that what happened in Rwanda doesn’t happen again,” said Gasamagera.

PSF Members during the Walk to remember

Before the Walk to remember, the PSF members had visited Nyanza Genocide memorial site located in Kicukiro district where wreath was laid to remember the innocent souls that were killed during the genocide.

During the genocide business operators were among the targeted group.