Over 350 exhibitors to grace Made-in-Rwanda expo

Over 350 exhibitors from various sectors are expected to grace the upcoming Made-in-Rwanda exhibition that is slated for December 14 -20 at the Gikondo Expo grounds, organisers said.

The event, organised by Private Sector Federation (PSF) in partnership with the government, is aimed at promoting locally made products to help grow local industries.

Among the sectors that will showcase new domestically made products include ICT, manufacturers, services, agro-processing, textiles, handcrafts, financial sector among others.

“We need to promote locally made goods, that’s why Made-in-Rwanda Expo was initiated,” Donatien Mungwarareba, the Director of Communication, Advocacy and Labour Relations at PSF said in an interview.

It is through the growth of local industries that produce high quality goods for domestic use and export that Rwanda’s import bill will be reduced, according to experts.

“We are expecting to have new products on the market that will be showcased as we continue to increase production capacity in the country,” Mungwarareba added.

Low productivity and over-dependence on imported goods are among the main factors slowing the country’s economic growth.
However, with the promotion of locally made goods, the trend could change.

Rwanda currently has a significant trade deficit, which for years has been in the range of 15 per cent of the total Gross Domestic Product.
Private sector officials said they continue to explore potential markets in various countries to help significantly increase exports.

In the recent past, local business leaders have conducted such missions in west and central Africa, and in Asia.

The targeted regions are central and west Africa, east Africa as well as in Asian market.