Employers urged on social dialogue

Employers have been encouraged to create a formal social dialogue through which they can discuss with their employees and how they can harness their organizations’ productivity.

The call has been made by the trade Union Centre of Workers of Rwanda (CESTRAR) during a meeting organized by Private Sector Federation (PSF).

CESTRAR’s François Mukunzi made a presentation about the current situation on social dialogue between employers and employees. He noted that promotion of social dialogue leads to less conflicts between the two parties.

“Lack of social dialogue between workers and employers affects the company’s productivity and competitiveness. I encourage employers to put in place strategies through which they can have a formal dialogue with their employees,” Mukunzi said, adding that most bosses of big companies recognize social dialogue as a valuable tool for efficient management.

Jean Marie Nagahimana of Rwanda Micro Finance Association hailed PSF for organizing such a meeting.

“PSF has been more business-oriented in advocating for the improvement of the relationship between workers and their employers. It’s in this perspective that I believe we need to have similar meetings if we are to have steady, good relations between staffs and their employers,” Nagahimana said.

Alexander Twahirwa, director of labour administration in the Ministry of Public Service and Labour (MIFOTRA), said that his ministry will continue to sensitize employers about the importance of having continuous social dialogue.

Reported by The Rwanda Focus