Rwanda’s private sector signs deal to do business in Brazzaville

The Private Sector Federation has signed a partnership agreement with Group 250 and Sawa Citi Supermarket to distribute Rwandan products in Congo Brazzaville.

The establishment of a multi-service centre in Congo-Brazzaville aims at reinforcing market linkages between Rwandan producers, exporters and foreign buyers. This will be achieved through trade promotion, logistics and information sharing.

Group 250 is an anchor company operating in the Republic of Congo in the sectors of import and export and infrastructure development while Sawa Citi is a supermarket with outlets in Kigali.

Sawa Citi Supermarket will facilitate operations by working closely with local SMEs in acquisition of products that will be exported by G250.

Speaking at the signing ceremony on Wednesday, chief executive of the Private Sector Federation Stephen Ruzibiza said the purpose of the partnership deal is to set up a multi-service centre in Congo Brazzaville to facilitate Rwandan private sector to export a variety of locally- made products to Congo Brazzaville.

‘’What has been lacking is the physical presence of locally- made products in Congo Brazzaville. The market is ready, we are planning to mobilise our business people on the available market opportunity that is ready and wide,’’ Mr Ruzibiza said.

‘’We expect to have a multi-service centre that will have most items. We already have good brands,’’ Mr Ruzibiza added.

Emmanuel Hategeka, the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Trade and Industry, said Congo Brazzaville’s multi-service centre will respond to the demand in the Central African country and in its neighbouring countries.

This, Mr Hategeka said, will increase Rwanda’s market share in the region.

Reported by The EastAfrican