The 19th edition of RITF organized by Private Sector Federation ended on 11th August 2016 at Gikondo Expo Grounds with the best exhibitors scooping various awards.
While addressing the gathering at the official closure of the Trade Fair (Expo Rwanda 2016) the PSF chairman Benjamin Gasamagera observed that this year’s Trade Fair was a success and it created a positive impact to all the participants as well as the surrounded communities in Kigali.
“We are not only convinced but sure that it has created a tremendous impact on the businesses that participated locally and internationally as well as the surrounding communities. This is evident with the total sales made and temporary jobs created during this period,” he said.
The 19th trade fair attracted a total number of 441 exhibitors (271 locals and 170 foreigners) which is a slight increase compared to the total number of 408 exhibitors of the last year.
The total number of 19 countries, including Rwanda, participated in this year’s exhibition.
The exhibition attracted an average number of visitors ranging from 12,000 to 15,000 on weekdays and an average number of visitors ranging from 25,000 to 30,000 on weekends which also shows a shift in numbers compared to the previous years.
A wide range of products and services were showcased from the following sectors; Agriculture; Manufacturing; ICT; Finance; Banking and Insurance; leather industry, Art, and Craft as well as Entertainment.
“A good number of foreign exhibitors have signaled interest in setting up businesses in Rwanda and I can assure you that the Federation in collaboration with the concerned government agencies will make a close follow up and facilitate the interested parties accordingly” PSF chairman further mentioned.
The event was officially closed by Trade and Industry minister Hon Francois Kanimba and it was also attended my different government officials, investors as well as the exhibitors. Hon Minister is the one who awarded the overall winner of the best exhibitor.