The Private Sector Federation is a professional organization, dedicated to promote and represent the interests of the Rwandan Business Community. It is the umbrella organization and voice of the private sector.Automatic word wrap
The Private Sector Federation would like to recruit the Director of Member Services Capacity building and Entrepreneurship Promotion.


Under the supervision of the Chief Operations Officer, the Director of Member Services, Capacity Building & Entrepreneurship Promotion is responsible of the supervision of all activities of the Capacity Building & Entrepreneurship promotion department. Specifically, the Director is responsible for identifying and prioritising all capacity building needs among the members; delivering services to members, promoting investments groups and developing the entrepreneurship culture.Automatic word wrap
Responsibilities:Automatic word wrap
• Strategies and projects implementation in the areas of Tourism Marketing, Sales and Distribution, Product development and planning, conservation and related training;

• Good knowledge of development partners policies.

• Identify capacity building needs of PSF members Automatic word wrap
• Develop and implement a comprehensive capacity building strategy, activities, functions and budget in support of the overall PSF strategic plan ; Automatic word wrap
• Identify, mobilize necessary technical and financial resources to develop, implement and deliver capacity building activities to meet identified needs; Automatic word wrap
• Build the capacities of Small and Medium and Micro scale enterprises through tailor made training modules. Automatic word wrap
• Strengthen the capacities of PSF to interface more effectively in the institutionalized policy and processes related to private sector development in Rwanda Automatic word wrap
• Increase the ability of PSF to service and meet the identified and agreed needs of its constituencies. Automatic word wrap
• Be able to develop tailor made training modules that suits the PSF constituencies; Automatic word wrap
• Promote the exchange of knowledge and good business practices among Members; Automatic word wrap
• Identify and acquire the information or knowledge that matches the specific needs of PSF members and orient training based on their needs Automatic word wrap
• Compile and communicate the availability of capacity building manuals, tools and personnel resources to all PSF managers and staff and PSF members; Automatic word wrap
• Develop competencies in areas of interest through both formal training and continuing professional development Automatic word wrap
• Self-development: develops and maintains own knowledge, expertise and professionalism; meet personal training and development needs through relevant capacity building related professional training and networking activities. Automatic word wrap
• Coordinate the creation and utilization of corporate knowledge, expertise and information to create competitive advantage and support creativityAutomatic word wrap
• Scheduling and co-ordination of arrangement to facilitate planning implementation and monitoring of the overall research and consultancy programs including budgeting, long-term strategies, forecasting and business planning Automatic word wrap
• Monitoring, drafting and negotiating of contractual arrangements and terms of reference with partners, donors, national authorities, clients, and consultants.Automatic word wrap
• Coordinate all projects that are under the departmentAutomatic word wrap
• Establishment of systems for monitoring/evaluating projects, time scheduling, progress reporting and undertaking cost reconciliation in consultation with the Finance and Accounts Department in accordance with agreed procedures with different donors.Automatic word wrap
• Co-ordinating timely reporting to donors and implementing donor requirements on operational aspects.Automatic word wrap
• Liaising and collaborating with the Finance and Administration Officer to ensure smooth implementation of programs within budgets and timeframes indicated in the work program.Automatic word wrap
• Co-ordinating arrangements for entrepreneurship development and business growth activities, conferences, guest speakers, occasional papers, and other professional contributions and visitors. Automatic word wrap
• Supervise and orient staff in accordance with departmental action plan and Institutional Policies and procedures;Automatic word wrap
• Assist staff in the department to resolve complex or out of policy operation problems;Automatic word wrap
• Responsible to meet department productivity and quality goals;Automatic word wrap
• Prepare and submit monthly, quarterly, semester and annual reports to the COOAutomatic word wrap
• Executing any other duties as assigned by Supervisor and other Superiors.

Job Specifications:

-  Masters in Management and Business Administration, or Master in Business Law from a recognized University; Manual word wrap
-  Minimum of 3-5 years of professional experience in Senior Management or coordination experience; Manual word wrap
-  Demonstrated interpersonal, team building and communication skills; Manual word wrap
-  Strong analytic and critical understanding; Manual word wrap
-  Good interpersonal skills and ability to work in a team setting; Manual word wrap
-  Excellent problem solving skills; Manual word wrap
-  Excellent organization and planning skills; Manual word wrap
-  Self-starter and independent thinker; Manual word wrap
-  Ability to plan and manage high volume work effectively and systematically under tight deadlines with attention to detail; Manual word wrap
-  Proficiency in working with common computer applications, especially Excel, Word and PowerPoint; Manual word wrap
-  Excellence in spoken and written English and effective communication skills and a good knowledge of Kinyarwanda and French.


Interested candidates are invited to apply for the above mentioned position and submit complete applications made of a CV, a motivational letter, notarized copies of diploma/degree, a copy of identity card, and three persons of reference with their phone numbers to the following address: Automatic word wrap
Attention to: the Private Sector Federation located at Gikondo, not later than 11th July 2016 at 11 am.

Preselected candidates will be called for interviews

Done at Kigali, on 30th June 2016Automatic word wrap
Stephen Ruzibiza Automatic word wrap
Chief Executive Officer