Tax Clearance Certificate (Quitus fiscal)

PSF with the authorisation of the Rwanda Revenues Authority (RRA) currently issues to PSF registered members an annual tax clearance certificate.

This is a certificate issued to tax compliant tax payers. It is meant for taxpayers with a record of honouring their tax obligation. It is valid for a period of one year from the time it was issued. It is commonly known as "quitus fiscal".

Advantages of Quitus fiscal

1. Holders will save 5% withholding tax on import of good and services that would otherwise be paid.

2. Government Tender winners will save 3% withholding tax retention on supplied goods and services.

Who is entitled to a Quitus fiscal?

- Taxpayers who accurately files and declares their tax dues
- Who pays their tax dues on time and in time
- Effect payment for his tax due on a regular basis and consistently over a given length of time.
- Have no tax arrears with the RRA.

A taxpayer who fulfils the above conditions is encouraged to apply to the Commissioner General of RRA for this certificate.

For further details, visit our office or contact:

- Peninnah BURABYO ( Mobile: 0788300840 - Email: )

- Natacha KANEZA (Tel: +250 788880687 - Email: )