The 2016 Private Sector Golden Circle gala dinner.

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The Golden Circle (GC), an elite club of over 150 businesses with significant investments in various sectors of the Rwandan economy was hosted at the Serena Kigali hotel on February 6, 2016.

His Excellency the President of the Republic of Rwanda, graced the event with his presence. Present at the event also were senior government officials, business, federations and associations from within the East African Community and across Africa.

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In an opening speech, Mr Benjamin Gasamagera the Chairman of Rwanda Private sector Federation (PSF) highlighted the importance of the Golden Circle club to the country which includes:

- Contribution to a significant share of Rwanda’s Gross National Product;

- Accounting for a significant share of Rwanda’s export volumes and values;

- Creation of a significant number of jobs in the goods and services sector in Rwanda.

President Kagame hailed Private Sector members for being good ambassadors and building relationships beyond Rwanda. The President re affirmed the support of the government for the Private sector, "We have all that is required to create prosperity for our region, we can get there together!", a statement in resonance with PSF’s mantra, "The power of Association."

You can visit PSF Gallery for the detailed speech by His Excellency President Kagame, at the 4th Private Sector GC Gala dinner.