TWO PSF members’ buildings of 60 billion RWF value soon ready in Kigali

In four coming months, probably between August and September 2015 two big commercial complexes of about 60 billion Rwandan Francs will be ready to use and benefic to the business community.

This was revealed on 11th May 2015 on the first day of the tour visit that PSF management organized to its golden cycle members.

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One of those two buildings known as market shopping center Ltd, of a value of about 40 billion Rwandan francs is erected in the city center and belongs to Makuza Bertin, a long serving business man. “The building will be the purpose mixed-used commercial complex with first class facilities to offer a combination of retail, accommodation, food, entertainment and office space in Kigali” Makuza told the visitors.

Mr. Makuza explained that the project was initially of a value of 33 billion RWF, but while constructing, they put an additional activity of constructing parking space, which increased the budget up to 40 billion RWF.

Makuza added “in August, all works will be ended and the complex ready for the users, and up to now, 70% of the building have been booked.”

The second building situated in former ETO Muhima plot, is owned by 60 members business people operating in Matheus and Commercial zones, who are grouped in “Champions Investment Corporation Ltd (CHIC)”.

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As they explained during the visit, one share is about 50 million RWF; and contributions from members together with the loan acquired from the bank is being used for the construction of the commercial complex which will cost 20 billion after the realization of all works.

The representative of CHIC, Mr. Tharcisse Ngabonziza said that works are underway as previously planned and already clients have manifested interest to book spaces for offices, supermarkets and others.

Both visited companies thanked PSF for advices and advocacy and expressed the wishes to PSF to make advocacy and advert for the occupation of remained spaces in the said buildings for the promotion of their businesses.

The Acting CEO of PSF, Mr. Nkusi Mukubu Gérard, expressed his satisfaction concerning the investments of the two companies. He was also happy of the results of advocacy done by PSF whereby some constructing materials were exempted taxes fees.