“A concept whereby companies integrate social and environmental concerns in their business operations and in their interactions with their stakeholders on a voluntary basis.”

PPPs are joint partnerships between private enterprises and the public sector, whereby both partners aim to achieve a common objective more cost-effectively and faster by sharing the costs and risks.

Who can participate?
In a first round, we are promoting projects with Golden Circle members PSF operating in the sectors of Paint Manufacturing, Detergents and cleaning Products and Travel agencies

The Idea:
Engage as a producer or service provider in the capacity building of your clients and users! This increases the quality of using your product and your brand awareness … clients are more willing to buy your product.

The following are the guidelines to orient your projects ideas:

- “Capacity building of painters”
-  “Hygiene in small restaurants”
-  “Upgrade drivers skills”

1. Capacity building of painters

-  Problem/challenges:

o There is no a school for painters!!
o Wring selection of brushes and colors by unprofessional painters!
o Lack of precision when painting (not taping off areas that must stay clean)
o Bad preparation of undergrounds
o Bad color mixing
- What/How do you think you can do to overcome those challenges? (Your project idea now) …………

- Expected benefits:

For the company:
o The painters will be aware of your company’s product range and will be more willing to apply it correctly when painting for the satisfaction of their clients. This will also improve brand reputation.
o Painters will be purchasing your products rather than other products, if they make the purchase for a job
o This will increase the company’s turnover.
For the public:
o The competence of painters will increase, better painting

2. Hygiene in small restaurants

- Problem/challenges:

o Many small restaurants in Kigali are not well cleaned in their kitchens, toilets, and on tables’ etc.
o There are lack of awareness and skills of restaurants employees or bad selection of detergents to be used for specific spaces i.e. kitchen, hand-washing place, toilets, etc. This leads to dissatisfaction of customers

- What/How do you think you can do to overcome those challenges? (Your project idea now) …………

- Expected benefits:

For the company:
o Improve business reputation and standing
o Increasing brand recognition
o Increasing sales and customer retention/loyalty
o Competitive advantage against competitors
-  For the public:
o Higher hygiene in public places;
o Less sickness due to clean restaurants (kitchen & toilets);
o Better services/environment.

3. Upgrade drivers skills

-  Problem/challenges:
o Unprofessional drivers are source of many accidents in Rwanda;
o Low level of work ethics by drivers;
o Skills not upgraded for drivers;
o Language barriers.

- What/How do you think you can do to overcome those challenges? (Your project idea now) …………

- Expected benefits:

For the company:
o To select and employ professional drivers;
o Center of quality for professional driver (drivers outsourcing company);
o Create a database of known professional driver for recommendations;
o More customers (due to the reputation)

For the public:
o Less accidents caused by unprofessional drivers;
o Safer tours provided by trained drivers;
o Quality services delivering;
o Acquisition of certificate of participation to the training (added value to the driving licenses);
o Knowledge of Rwandan Map by trained drivers

Service offered by PSF/GIZ CSR/PPP Program:
 Financial assistance in form of a grant for selected projects (companies).
 Best projects will receive between 10,000,000 FRW and 15,000,000 FRW (but not more than 50% of the overall project costs).
 Support in M&E

Application period: 04 - 30th May 2015
For more information on requirements and application procedure please visit PSF website www.psf.org.rw (CSR/PPP Project) or write to adolphmg@psf.org.rw