PSF mourned business people killed during the genocide against the Tutsis

On Thursday, 9th April 2015, PSF in collaboration with chambers, Associations and its respective structures at provincial and district level including other stakeholders organized the 21stcommemoration of the genocide against the Tutsi.

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Light of hope

It was the first event of the kind which PSF organized as a federation in memory of the business people killed during the genocide.

The Ag. CEO of PSF NkusiMukubu Gérard explained that PSF has organized this event in orderto join the rest of all Rwandans pay tribute to business community members killed during the genocide.

This event was marked by different activities including the march to remember from PSF offices in Gikondo to Nyanza genocide memorial site. The march was attended by PSF staff members, members of the Board, business community members and their families.

“The fight against genocide denial and revisionism” was the key message of this commemoration as it was also the main topic of all Rwandans for the 21st commemoration of the genocide against the Tutsi.

The remembering day was officiated by the Minister of Commerce and industries, François Kanimba, the chairman of the Board, Benjamin Gasamagera, Executive Secretary of CNLG, Dr. Jean DamascèneBizimana, the mayor of Kigali City, FidèleNdayisaba, members of security organs including Rwanda National Police and Rwanda Defense Forces.

Briefing at Nyanza by Ibuka Executive Secretary
The march ended at Nyanza genocide memorial site bylaying flowers on the mass graves where around 11,000 victims’ bodies of genocide are laid. Ibuka Executive Secretary, NaphtarAhishakiye, briefed marchers about the background of the place.
He said that among the victims of genocide buried at Nyanza, there around 3,000 bodies of people chasse from former ETO Kicukiro, a place that was protected by UN peace keepers UNAMIR, but who abandoned them to end by being killed by Interahamwe at Nyanza.

The reasons behind genocide denial
Shame and frustration are ones of the reasons behind of denial and revisionism by killers and their supporters. Speakers at the occasion including Pastor Antoine Rutayisire, Dr. Bizimana and the Minister of MINICOM insisted that the genocide against the Tutsi takes roots in 50ies from where it was tested in different places until the culmination in 1994.

They explained that deniers are those who planned genocide, those who perpetrated it and those who supported and still support them.

Business community committed to build a better country
Two members of the Rwandan business community delivered the horror of discrimination and hatred endured during the genocidal regime. Paulin Rugero, presidentof chamber of art and craft together with Alfred Nkubiri, thanked former RPA members for having fought tirelessly until they won the war and stopped genocide.
They reiterated their commitment to build a prosperous country as the current political regime is favorable to promote a fair business environment which offers equal chances to all.

The chairman of PSF board of directors, Benjamin Gasamagera said that PSF will organize this commemoration every year. He further expressed that PSF members will not weary to play their role in promoting socio-economic welfare of all Rwandans by paying taxes, offering jobs among many others.