Advert CEO position


The Private Sector Federation is a professional organization, dedicated to promote and represent the interests of the Rwandan Business Community. It is the umbrella organization and voice of the private sector.

The Private Sector Federation is a key role player in enabling the Private Sector to respond to Rwanda’s vision for its future.

Over the years, the Federation has rolled out a number of exciting private sectors in the fields of capacity building, entrepreneurship and business growth, trade promotion etc.

Offering an excellent career growth, we are looking for a qualified individual to join an exciting team at PSF to work as Chief Executive Officer.

- Job Title: Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

- Reporting: Chairman, Board of Directors

- Duty Station: PSF Headquarters


Providing leadership to the Federation at the forefront, the CEO will develop a strategic plan to advance PSF mission and objectives to promote revenue, profitability and growth as an organization. She/he will oversee PSF operations to ensure production efficiency, quality, services, and cost-effective management of resources. She/he will oversee PSF’s interaction with external stakeholders and provide leadership and management to employees. Utilizing strategic and technical skills, the CEO has the responsibility to provide leadership through performance-based management principles.

The CEO will be responsible for developing and effectively implementing the vision of the Federation ensuring appropriate program design and support mechanisms are in place. Operating within an environment of sometimes conflicting political and stakeholder influence, she/he will maintain a careful balancing act on the basis of sound business and management practices and policies. Establishing a strong network, the CEO will ensure that PSF activities and objectives are not at cross purposes with other jurisdictions.


Among other duties, he/she shall perform the following:

Board of Directors:

The CEO will ensure that the BOD has all the information necessary to properly exercise its responsibilities. She/he will report to the Board on a timely basis, on all relevant information regarding PSF operations, develop and present alternatives and recommend courses of action to the Board for its consideration.

Community and Stakeholder Relations:

The CEO will establish and maintain positive and productive relationships with the media, private business community and industry representatives, recipients, government organizations and communities, including national and international stakeholders. In this capacity, the CEO will serve as primary spokesperson for PSF, and promote collaborative cooperation towards achieving a collective vision of prosperity in PSF. The CEO is expected to exercise influence and persuasion in the face of divergent objectives and may be called upon to communicate negative or unpopular decisions.

Strategic and Operational Planning:

In collaboration with senior management and appropriate stakeholders, the CEO will formulate and recommend to the Board of Directors the annual service plan. The plan will identify priority issues the Federation will focus on and the role PSF will play in meeting those needs. The plan will also identify issues that must be addressed in order to realize the future vision and set short, medium and long-term objectives and strategies for PSF. The CEO will present operating and capital expenditure budgets to the Board for approval, and has overall accountability for achieving the Board’s objectives.

Corporate Organization:

The CEO will develop and maintain an effective and innovative organizational structure based on achieving performance objectives that reflect the industry and business requirements. The CEO will prescribe the authority and delegated responsibilities to the senior management team and develop an annual list of performance objectives. In addition to running an effective and efficient organization, the CEO is expected to address emerging issues that impact the future direction of PSF.

Corporate Policy:

The CEO will ensure the development of, and adherence to, operating policies, systems and practices that meet government-wide standards in order for PSF to achieve its objectives while maintaining accountability to the members of the Federation.

Financial Management:

In collaboration with senior management and in particular the Finance division, the CEO will develop an annual budget prepared in the context of PSF strategic plan, for recommendation to the Board of Directors. She/he will ensure the efficient utilization of financial resources within established policies of PSF, making appropriate and timely financial and management decisions. She/he will be responsible for ensuring the use of an effective financial performance measurement system, proper internal audits, financial management and record-keeping and administrative systems to ensure efficient utilization of PSF financial resources within the objectives, policies, plans and budgets established by the Board.

Leadership of Human Resources:

The CEO will be responsible for managing PSF’s compensation plan, particularly in terms of periodic approvals from the Chairman, Board of Directors. She/he will lead a team in their achievement of business objectives with integrity, fairness and transparency. Providing strong and effective leadership to all employees, the CEO will create an environment that attracts and retains appropriate talents. Providing leadership to the senior management team, she/he will ensure that PSF workplace is safe and that all staff are motivated, guided and directed to contribute fully to realizing the Federation’s mission, vision, goals and objectives.

Resource Acquisition, Allocation and Utilization:

The CEO will ensure the acquisition and most effective allocation of PSF fiscal, human and physical resources. She/he will control, monitor and set performance standards and mechanisms in place, relative to the utilization of all corporate resources.


The CEO will identify opportunities and propose new methods to Chief Operations Officer (COO) to improve existing operations with a focus on bottom-line results. She/he will foster the search for new approaches to conducting business in an environment which provides the resources and communication flow necessary to encourage initiatives and joint projects on behalf of the public and private sector partners.

Business and Economic Environment:

The CEO must be able to keep abreast with the business and economic climate in Rwanda and how the Federation and its stakeholders will operate. She/he will prepare the Federation to meet the challenges presented by new trends and developments in the business. The CEO will utilize a business orientation and demeanor in order to increase services, members and cooperative business projects.


The CEO will ensure effective communication of PSF strategies, objectives and performances to create a positive profile for the Federation. She/he will develop and maintain positive and productive relationships with high-level stakeholders and act as the Federation spokesperson.

Fund Raising:

She/he will develop strategies for fund raising with the Board and support the Board in fund raising activities. She/he will oversee all fundraising plans and implementation, including identifying resource requirements, searching funding sources, establishing strategies to approach funders, submitting proposals and administrating fundraising records and documentation. She/he will deal and negotiate with key stakeholders and donors for direct financial and technical support and/or the private sector organization or individual PSF members.


- A Masters degree in Business Administration, Management, Finance, Economics or in similar discipline; and at least 5 years of experience and above in a leadership role for a private and public sector company.

- Experience in formulating policy, developing and implementing new strategies and procedures. Ability to develop and understand financial plans and manage resources. Ability to analyze and interpret financial data.

- Knowledge of public relations principles and practices. Knowledge of communication and public relation techniques. Ability to develop and deliver presentations. Ability to identify and secure funding/revenue sources.

- Professional written and verbal communication and interpersonal skills. Ability to communicate and interact with officials at all levels of Government and work effectively with a wide range of constituencies in a diverse community.

- Ability to motivate teams and simultaneously manage several projects.

- Willingness to work a flexible schedule and travel.

- Sound experience of the business sector or related industry;

- Fluent in English, Kinyarwanda and French with excellent business writing, presentation, interpersonal and verbal communication skills - knowledge of the two international languages is an added advantage.

- A sound decision maker, and great planner and executor.


Interested candidates are invited to apply for the above mentioned position and submit complete applications (hard copies only) made of a CV, a motivation letter, notarized copies of diploma/degree, a copy of identity card, and three persons of reference with their phone numbers to the following address not later than 15th September 2014:

To the attention of:
The Chairman, Board of Directors
Private Sector Federation
P.O. Box 319 Kigali, located in GIKONDO

Note: Only candidates qualifying for selection will be contacted for interviews.

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