PSF launches 30 business groups

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North Province Governor, Yvette Mukarwema and Damascene Munyankusi.

The Private Sector Federation has launched investment and business umbrella groups in 30 districts to bring together all the private enterprises to lobby for their needs.

Yvette Mukarwema, the Private Sector Federation (PSF) chief operations officer, said the initiative would also create a direct link between the private sector leadership and government officials at district level.

"It is easy to find markets for your products and lobby the government to solve your problems when you are in organised groups," Mukarwema said at the launch of the "Indashyikirwa Z’Akarere" for Gicumbi district.

"I am glad that business people have agreed to co-operate. I assure you that this initiative will help all stakeholders, especially businesses, achieve their development targets," said Jean Damascene Munyankusi, the PSF co-ordinator for the Northern Province.

One pays Rwf200,000 to join the group. "This money is little compared to the benefits that come with being a member," said Milton Ngirente, the proprietor of Blessed Diaries, a milk processor based in Gicumbi district.

By Ben Gasore